Teachers and Staff
Director/ Owner 
Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown is a well educated business women that fell in love with early childhood education. After working in corporate jobs for many years, she decided to venture out on her own. She is the founder of CARE Academy and started her journey in 2014 to open our lovely center! She prides herself in helping our families and the community in any way that she can!
Culinary Technician/ Manager 
Ms. Mya

Ms. Mya cooks all of our lovely meals and creates the meal plans. She has a background of culinary and is professionally trained. After working in restaurants for years, she fell in love with making plates for toddlers instead of adults! All things CACFP and special events has her name all over it. She steps into the classroom from time to time and has been with is for five years!
Administrative Assisstant/ Bus Driver
Ms. Kayla

Ms. Kayla is new to the team, the kids were immediately drawn to her fun, energetic spirit. Ms. Kayla does have previous experience in childcare administrative work! She is the best dog mom Ham could ever ask for! Her tasks include administrative work and getting our little ones to and from on the CARE Academy school bus!
Caterpillars 1
Ms. Jani

Ms. Jani takes wonderful care of our infants! Her light, sweet, and energetic personality is perfect for our babies! She takes the time to form a relationship with each child to ensure their growth and development. She is currently working on completing her associates in early childhood education!
Caterpillars 2 - Co Teacher
Ms. Jamese

Ms. Jamese has several years of experience in the early childhood field. She has a precious baby girl and is working on her associates degree in early childhood. She is a co teacher in our one-year-old room and does great with all of their creative activities! 
Caterpillars 2 - Co Teacher
Ms. Jazmine

Ms. Jazmine has her associates degree in Early Childhood Education and has several years of experience with one-year-olds. She is also a mom of a beautiful baby girl! Ms. Jazmine is a master at maintaining a calm environment for our rambunctious ones!
Butterflies 1 - Lead Teacher
Ms. Alicia

Ms. Alicia is a loving mom of three! She is passionate about caring for all of the children in the center, she truly has a heart of gold. She has her degree in Early Childhood Education and puts it to great use on a daily basis! Ms. Alicia ensures that she includes all senses and categories in her lessons while in the classroom.
Butterflies 2
Ms. Amber

Ms. Amber is our lovely preschool teacher who has been with us for four years! Her creativity in the classroom provides memorable experiences for the children and prepares them for kindergarten. She is currently working on her associates in Early Childhood Education! 
Butterflies 1 - Teacher Assistant
Ms. Kelvonte (Keke)​

Ms. Kelvonte is a welcoming spirit and is new to the center. She fits so well and the children have already adapted to her. She has previous experience through her high school and we look forward to getting to know Ms. Keke more! 
Center Floater 
Ms. Olivia

Ms. Olivia is our center floater, she has formed close relationships with all of the children in the center. The children love her wittiness and playful demeanor! She is such a help to all teachers and steps in the classrooms when needed. 
4k Teacher
Mrs. Andreka

Mrs. Andreka is a mother of one! She has several years of experience in the Early Childhood field as well as the First Steps 4K program. Her personality creates a homey atmosphere in the classroom where she forms personal relationships with her students. Mrs. Andreka is great at making sure that her students leave our center ready for Kindergarten! 
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Classroom Floater/ Admin Assist 
Ms. Sydia 

Ms. Sydia is the newest to our team! She has a love for children as she has two of her own. She adapts so easily to the children. She truly loves to help in any situation and enjoys being able to teach the children! Ms. Sydia is a calm but energetic dancing machine!