Teachers and Staff
Director/ Owner 
Ms. Brown

Ms. Brown is a well educated business women that fell in love with early childhood education. After working in corporate jobs for many years, she decided to venture out on her own. She is the founder of CARE Academy and started her journey in 2014 to open our lovely center! She prides herself in helping our families and the community in any way that she can!
Operations Manager
Ms. Mya

Ms. Mya creates all of our meal plans. She has a background of culinary and is professionally trained. After working in restaurants for years, she fell in love with making plates for toddlers instead of adults! All things CACFP and special events has her name all over it. She stepped into a new role recently but has been with us for five years!
Administrative Assisstant/ Bus Driver
Ms. Kayla

Ms. Kayla has a fun, loving, energetic spirit that the kids enjoy! Ms. Kayla does have previous experience in childcare administrative work! She is the best dog mom Ham could ever ask for! Her tasks include administrative work and getting our little ones to and from on the CARE Academy school bus!
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Caterpillars 4
Ms. Jamese

Ms. Jamese has several years of experience in the early childhood field. She has a precious baby girl and is working on her associates degree in early childhood. She does great with all of their creative and sensory activities! 
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Ms. Jazmine

Ms. Jazmine has her associates degree in Early Childhood Education and has several years of experience with one-year-olds. She is also a mom of a beautiful baby girl! Ms. Jazmine is a master at maintaining a calm environment for our rambunctious ones!
Butterflies 1 - Lead Teacher
Ms. Rickie

​Ms. Rickie has returned after having her baby boy! She was our infant teacher before her break and has retuned as our 2s teacher! Ms. Rickie is a potty training machine that enjoys themed projects! 
Butterflies 4K
Ms. Amber

Ms. Amber was our lovely preschool teacher who has now transitioned to our 4k classroom, she has been with us for four years! Her creativity in the classroom provides memorable experiences for the children and prepares them for kindergarten! She is currently working on her associates in Early Childhood Education! 
Caterpillars Floater 
Ms. Olivia

Ms. Olivia is our center floater, she has formed close relationships with all of the children in the center. The children love her wittiness and playful demeanor! She is such a help to all teachers and steps in the classrooms to assist teachers or fill their absence. 
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Kitchen Staff/ Floater
Ms. Sydia 

Ms. Sydia has a love for children as she has two of her own. She adapts so easily to the children. She truly loves to help in any situation and enjoys being able to teach the children! Ms. Sydia is an energetic dancing machine! 
Butterflies 1 - Teacher Assistant
Ms. Helen

Ms. Helen is new to the team and working on her degree in Social Work so she can work in the foster care system. She started baby sitting at a young age and fell in love with caring for children. Ms. Helen is new to the Charleston area and is into fitness and reading. Let's give her a warm welcome!

Caterpillars 1
Ms. Seirra

Ms. Seirra is new to the Charleston area. She has worked in childcare since high school and loves making each child feel unique and important. She has a calm spirit that fits so perfect with our babies! We look forward to getting to know Ms. Seirra more!

Butterflies 2
​Ms. Destiny 

​Ms. Destiny has moved from Chicago to Charleston just a month ago where she was also an early childhood educator. She works hard to ensure that she leaves a positive impact on the children! She's excited to be able to teach and have fun with the children! She loves giving back to the community and is a loving dog mom!
Butterflies 3
Ms. Celeste 

​Ms. Celeste joins us with over 10 years of experience! She was born in Charleston, SC and graduated from Benedict College with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Child and Family Development. She makes sure that our preschoolers are kindergarten ready! 
Butterflies Floater